"White Dice" Lighter

white dice 1

I got this at the same place I got the "Red Dice" lighter (Family Dollar). There was a top that was for a "Clear Dice" version but there was no lighter part, otherwise I would have bought the Clear Dice one too.

white dice 2
"I put cards behind it to go with a Game theme, lol."

Someone should make one like this but have the dice be able to spin so you can make the sides add up to what you want. If you used it a lighter (and did not put on a shelf like me) it would give your fingers something to do.

I have a few new lighters that I need to post, I am just slow and things get in the way of getting online, lol.
Here is a stupid article on "decorating a disposable lighter". I like the idea, but for more of a "time filler". I would not go buy disposable lighters just to decorate them.

And, if you use a sticker you will lose it when you have to throw the lighter away. So, you can't use one that you really like . I do like the fabric idea. But, again you have the problem of losing the cool fabric. She should have wrote one about making lighter covers(that you can take the lighter out of and replace it with a new one) (or buying plan lighter covers and decorating them). Maybe I will make one for myself and put how I did it on here.

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Crystal Lighters


Using only the highest quality
Swarovski crystals
Handcrafted in the Cricket Premium Paris Piece by piece Manually.
The manual crystal settings
and the engraved design are both
unique and unprecedented.

These are some expensive Lighters ($60 a lighter), they are pretty and cool. If I had $60 buck to waste on a lighter I would buy one of these for my collection.

The Lighter Collection ( a story by Gail Louise Siegel)

Read The Full Story, Click Here!!

The Lighter Collection

Jack hadn't planned on collecting cigarette lighters. True, he did love wicked dancing flames, the swell of yellow-blue fire licking skyward. It was his favorite part of smoking, lighting up. Long after the kids nagged him into quitting, years after he stopped picking up souvenir matchbooks to prove to himself where he'd been, he still kept a lighter in his pocket. Like a switchblade, he never knew when he'd need it.

Then, one day, at a bar and out of neglect a woman left him a lighter as a keepsake. They'd talked long into the night. She was lonely, tired, too tired to leave, or too tired to leave with him. But she liked him. She liked the cracked brown leather of his flight jacket, a conceit for a one-time anti-war flower child, and his ash colored hair -- too long to be fashionable. It struck her as the right balance between fantasy and lack of pretension. She thought Jack had a comfortable smile -- not too eager to please, but willing."


I found this while surfing the net, it is a fun read. Click the arrows at the bottom to read other stories.


Thinking about buying new window treatments? Get free fabric swatches from Smith+Noble, customize (metal or wood) blinds/curtains to fit your needs!!

Pocket Lighter & Pyro Gadgets Club

Sometimes referred to as the PLPG, they want to keep the hobby of lighter collecting alive. Many of the members have been collecting for years and have a lot experience to share (with other members of course). According the PLPG website, it is the place to be if you are a serious lighter collector.

Once a year the PLPG has a show (in St. Louis, other site will considered in for future shows). At the show you can buy and sell lighters, even trade (stories too, not just lighters). Members of the PLPG get a discount on lighters for sale at the show or get your lighters appraised. Entry is free (for members).

Keeper of the Flame Award:

At the St. Louis show a "Keeper of The Flame" is choosen (by past "Keeper's"). The winner gets a plaque and is featured in Flint& Flame. To be considered to the Keeper Award you must make contributions to the hobby of lighter collecting.

I have been wanting to join a lighter collecting club for a while, but I hate that they charge to become a member.

About Flint & Flame:
From PLPG website:
"The PLPG publication is called Flint & Flame. It is 5.5 " x 8.5 " of the most informative documentation on lighter collecting available to the collector today. It is published 4 times per year .

The Flint & Flame is produced in COLOR, which means you get to view clear, sharp photos of lighters as they really look. Besides informative feature articles written by knowledgeable collectors, Flint and Flame also provides lighter event details, want and sale ads (free to members) and much, much more."
This is also a perfect way to meet people with the same interest that you have, so what do you have to loose, come and join the PLPG today."

SignOnSanDiego.com News Metro -- Sale of novelty lighters banned in Chula Vista

 * Please note, the sender's email address has not been verified.
This is so crazy, every time I hear about a city banning the sale of novelty lighters I cannot help but shake my head!

  Click the following to access the sent link:
SignOnSanDiego.com News Metro -- Sale of novelty lighters banned in Chula Vista*
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  *This article can also be accessed if you copy and paste the entire address below into your web browser.

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Just by doing few thing you can earn entries for this contest. Don't wait to enter it ends on May 30 2008!!

Brain Froggles "forgetting to remember" is the site putting on this contest, it is a fun to read blog if you do not want to enter the contest check it out anyways!

Send Me Your Promotional Lighter's!!!

I know companies sometimes give out (or sell) lighters with their logo's, if your company (or whatever) has a promotional lighter send it to me so I can add it to my collection and post it here. It is a win-win. You get unique content for your company(or whatever) for the cost of one lighter (and shipping) and I get a new lighter in my collection.

leave a comment or contact me at the email address for "submitting links" if you have a promotional lighter for me!!


Introducing Snap Shots from Snap.com

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

Solar Spark Lighter

This it really cool!

This email has been sent to you by a friend.

If you would like to view the product they have referred you to, please click the link below.


Nonoveltylighters.com, What a joke!!!

Their Mission: Mission Statement: The No Novelty Lighter Coalition is working to prevent injuries, loss of life, and property loses due to fire from novelty / toy-like lighters.

Goal: The No Novelty Lighter Coalition is calling upon municipalities and counties in the state of Arkansas to ban novelty / toy-like lighters. The coalition is working to assist fire departments in the state and country with these efforts. In addition, the coalition is working to support the national initiative by the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal to ensure that novelty / toy-like lighters are banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The coalition is dedicated to promoting fire safety education programs directed at this initiative. (off the website)

What a joke, I am sorry that some people are stupid enough not to see that an object is a lighter. It is not like novelty lighters are a new thing. I could see their complaining if they were in the toy aisle, but when they are at the check out counter it is kind of obvious.

I used to "play" with lighters and matches when I was young, I burned the trash (back when you could burn your trash). It depends on the parents and how much they teach their children. why should people like me suffer because others do not want to teach their kids.

They even have "form" section that has pre-written for people to complain to a store for selling Novelty Lighters.

Here it is:
October 15, 2007

Re; Sale Display of Novelty Lighters

Dear Business Owner/Manager,

Children are enticed to play with fire in the first place. Making them look like toys is all the more reason to keep them out of their hands. A child shouldn’t have to distinguish between a toy and a cigarette lighter.
Novelty lighters have features which are attractive to children, including but not limited to: visual affects, flashing lights, musical sounds and toy-like designs. It is in the best interest of the citizens of the City of Your town, Arkansas to restrict the sale and distribution of novelty lighters.

This letter is “Official Notice” that the City of Your town, Arkansas has banned the sale of novelty lighters within the city limits of Your town, Effective:
October 11, 2007.

Your assistance/cooperation on this matter is greatly appreciated. Please see attached copy of city ordinance 0000-00


Your Name
Fire Chief


I really hope they get over this.

Fun Zippo Related Stuff

Here on http://www.zippostories.com/
you can read peoples stories about their Zippo's and you can submit your own story.

On that site you will find a link to the Zippo Case Museum, which is a store mot a museum as I thought when I clicked on the like.

For $20 bucks a year you can join the Zippo Collector Club (http://www.zippoclick.com/). They claim to have more then 14,000 members. Benefits of membership include:

• Experience Zippo collecting online with collectors from around the world on ZippoClick.com

• Add exclusive test runs and club collectibles to your collection.

• Attend Zippo events including Click Togethers at various Zippo retailer locations throughout the United States.

• Enjoy member discounts and special offers at the Zippo/Case Museum and selected authorized
Zippo retailers.

I am thinking about joining!!

YouTube Video

I think guy is funny, his "will it blend".

Calculator Lighter

The real calculator pictured with this "Calculator
Lighter" is older then I am. The color of it in this picture (one with real calculator) is closest to its actual color.

It works as a calculator, which is cool. It is tiny but if you need one and it is there it will do the job, lol.

The flame comes out the top right corner and the lighting lever is on the other side.

Bought at the Truck Stop (like most of my lighters).

Al Gore Lighter

One of my favorite people, Al Gore, his fight to save the plant has been a lone one for so long. Again the pull-out has Quotes from him and the back has the same donkey thing as the "Bill Clinton Lighter". The pull-out thing works good, goes in and out without a problem. I doubt the outer sticker would stay on very long if it was used normally or got wet. I am cerious about what the lighter looks like underneath the sticker.

There are some Republican ones that I plan on getting, I think they have a Regan and Bush Sr. $4.99

Bill Clinton Lighter

Bill Clinton Lighter

This one is funny, the pull-out has Quotes from him. However they got wording wrong on the "it depends on what the meaning of is is". now I know I wasn't very old when that was said but I was watching it on TV ( my parents made me watch the news, state of the union's and stuff like that).

The back of the pull-out tells you how the donkey became the Demcorate symbol. The pull-out thing does not go in and out very well, you have to play with it to get it to go in. Sometimes in goes in without a problem but that is very rare. I just do not pull it out.

It is sad how he will never live that "moncia" thing down (no pun intended). $4.99

playing with photos

Since I have a lot of pictures on here and plan to post more, I decided to try out PhotoBucket as a picture host. does anyone have any complaints about them?

Frog Lighter #1

I got a good laugh the other day about this lighter. If you look back in the posts here you will find an article about "banning novelty lighters" and the picture for the article has a bunch of lighters on a table. what made me laugh is the one up front is this lighter (not this exact lighter, but the same mold).
The eyes flash when you lite it!


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Barrel Lighter?

I do not really know what this lighter is supposed to be, but I think it kind of looks like a barrel or a mini pen,lol.

I like the big flame adjuster at the bottom, it is easy to adjust. but with this lighter you do not want to make the flame to big. I have noticed it uses a lot of fuel . It was about half full when I bought it and it was almost empty by that night.

By the way I just got this one! The brand name is cool GuangDa, I have never seen it on a lighter before. It is probably a big name in the lighter industry and I am all " I've never heard of them", lol.

"It glows red, when you lit it"

LighterLeash.com or LighterLeash.org?

After buying a Lighter Leash, I wanted to go back to the website I had first seen them on. I did a search on Google (Lighter Leash) and two sites came up, one claims to be the original Lighter Leash.

The products are very similar but there are a few differences. the clipping thing is different, I like the clippy thing on the one from LighterLeash.org better than the one I have. I was thinking about contacting both of them and seeing which one would tell me what the two sites are about.
I doubt either will, but it might be fun to try.

I would like to try the one from the other website to see if it is better, the one I have is already broke (well, almost). The string that attaches the lighter holder to the retractable thing is worn so much that it is about to snap. I have stopped using it so I do not loose the thing inside it.

I Bought a Lighter Leash!!

A few post ago I linked to a product called Lighter Leash, the name describes it good. It is a leash for your lighter. If you have ever carried a lighter you know how easy it is for one to walk away with someone else,lol.

as fun as it is to play with it has some down falls, like it only holds Bic shaped lighters. I tried other shapes but they do not fit in it.

I like how long the leash is, the length of a leg as you can see in the picture, it is long enough to let someone else use it with out taking it off your belt/pocket, etc..

What's in Your Purse?

Check out this fun new blog where you can see what is in other womens purses. I know Ellen (from TV) like to take her audience members purses and look through them.


It is in need of more pictures, so get to sending them people!!

Football Lighter

This football shaped lighter is cool. I just wish they had team logos on them. I am sure the plain footballs sell better then if they had team logos on them.Photobucket

It was about 6.00, like a dork I took of the label. It hit me the other day, I should leave to labels on since they have dates one them and stuff.

The shape makes it hard to use, even with my little hands. You can see in the picture there is a 'trading card' behind to give you an idea as to how big it is.

Odd Cast


I have been trying to find a place to buy music from, but I am new to it. Has anyone use tuneflow.com? If so leave a comment and let me know how you like it.

Posts Dates

If you have been to Lightersville before, you probably noticed that the dates of the posts have changed. well the reason is simple. I switched the blog from a free Godaddy hosted blog to a blogger blog using a custom domain. The one thing that sucks about moving Lightersville to Blogger is not be able to keep the dates on the posts. It seemed like forever waiting for it to be three months old (so I could submit it to directories).

I just wasn't happy with godaddy, I wanted to be able to do more with the sidebar and stuff. So far so good on blogger.

When I get some money to throw away, I plan on buying a whole bunch of lighters. It has been a while, don't worry, I still have some in my collection that I need to post.

Big Match Lighter

this one has a kind of funny story as to how I got it. One morning when I let my dog out, I'd seen something hanging from the over-hang of the house. Since it was bright outside and I have blue eyes, I could not see very well. When I got from the over hang and seen what it was, it instantly became one of my favorite lighters.

You can see in the picture how much bigger it is than the real stick matches. The tag on it says "Jan. 2006", so it is not too old. I have gotten it to lit a few times but I haven't refilled it since I used it up.

Ashtray and Lighters not Available in New Cars

How crazy is that, I guess you can get one if you pay more.

Dot Easy Web Hosting

Doteasy.com offers a lot of free extras when you buy a domain. A 100MB Web Hosting Account is Included in the price of domains. make sure you check out what they have to offer before spending your money somewhere else.

I am thinking about using them for my next website or blog. If anyone else has used them, leave a comment and let me know how you like their services.

Ban on Novelty Lighters

"Lighters with kid appeal under fire"

Novelty cigarette lighters shaped like toys, cartoon figures and other items attractive to children are coming under fire across the USA.

An initiative begun two years ago by the Oregon State Fire Marshal's office is gaining momentum as municipalities in a growing number of states ban or consider banning the sale of the lighters.


Elvis Presley Lighters

These are not mine, but my brother-in-law's, they are a part of his Elvis Presley collection. Which he wants me to sell for him. But I do not want to spend all kinds of money on listing fees and get the most I can for the stuff. If anyone knows of a good place to sell Elvis Presley stuff, let me know in a comment.

I have to take new pictures of the front.

Pittsburgh Steelers Lighter x 2

I am not much of a Football fan but the more I watch it, the more I like it. Both of these were bought at the same convent store (Pic-Quick), just at different times. I think we paid $3.00- $4.00.

Both are re-fillable.

Shot Gun Lighter

Lighter is about 11" long

This was given to me by the same person that gave the Alien lighter. To light it you push down on the cocking lever.

Close up of details.


The dual flames are my favorite feature on this lighter.

Mini Cell Phone Lighter

This one is so small. I should put a quarter next to it and take a picture so you can see how small, I did not think of putting something next to it for comparison. May be I will get one up or replace one of these pictures, we will see.

it seems old, or at the least it wasn't treated very nicely before it
got to me. It was given to me, which happens alot since everyone that knows me knows that have I've been collect lighters for a few years. To light it you push down on the antenna and the flame comes out the opposite side on the antenna (on the top).

The number buttons do not do anything, like beep. It would be cool if they did. I would like to find a bigger cell phone one.

Pool Ball Lighter

This is one of three I got off eBay, in the listing it had it as a number 6. I was going to get a number nine pool ball lighter to go with it but that won't be the same now.
I only paid 0.01 cent for it, but the shipping was 5.99, so the total was 6.00. It has a 2005 date on the sticker like the other lighters I got from that seller.

To light it you push on one of the five's

Automatic Lighter

I have never seen anything like this before, it is mounted on the wall or on a post.  it is supposedly flameless too.  You have to go to and look at it. With a cigarette in your mouth you put the end into the hole and push the lit button.
         They say "common locations" for these machines are correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, nursing home and industrial sites: any where an open flame should be avoided but smoking is okay.

 They are made by the Ozilite company, and I think they are based outside the US.   I see they serve the US, so you can buy one if you want one.  Never the less it is fun to look at it.

 I like the idea of having free 'fire' available, but in the US this machine will become useless after a while since they are always making new laws to keep people from smoking. Next thing you know you will not even be able to smoke in your own home.

Zippo Maintenance

Replacing/Trimming the Wick:
Your Zippo cannot work without a wick, so maintaining is it important.

If the wick is looking badly burned at the Chimney (wind guard) try trimming it before replacing it. Get a pair of needle nose pliers (or anything that will grab it) and pull the wick straight up until you see clean wick. Cut the wick even with the top of the chimney.

If wick replacement is necessary, you must first remove all the cotton padding with tweezers or needle nose pliers, than thread new wick through the hole leading to the chimney. Make wick level with the chimney. Replace the cotton padding small chunks at a time, making sure to weave the wick back and forth so it goes through the cotton.

The flint is a likely culprit if your Zippo is not lighting, it is always a good idea to keep a few on hand if you a Zippo lighter frequently. To replace it you must remove the lighter assembly from the lighter shell. Locate the screw at the bottom of the assembly and loosen it. This can usually be done with your fingers but a screwdriver or coin may be required. You remove the screw and the spring, with a good shake any remnants of the old flint should fall right out (if any). Take the replacement flint and drop it in the hole, than replace the spring and screw, tightening it until finger tight. Put the assembly back in the shell. If it doesn't seem like the flint is getting hit, wiggle the striker. That should get it to strike the flint.

Some people put two flints in the hole when replacing flint's so when the first one runs out a replacement is already there.


Refilling a Zippo really shouldn't take instructions, but I will write them anyways.

Remove the Zippo's assembly from shell, see if your Zippo has a small hole on the bottom of the assembly for refilling. If there is no hole just lift the bottom part until you can see the cotton inside. Take the bottle of lighter fluid and saturate the cotton padding, be sure not to over do it. Over doing it can cause the lighter fluid to leak out.
The bottle of lighter fluid may have a 'safety nozzle'. If it does and you cannot open it with your fingers, you can use the Zippo's assembly to open it.

After you put the Zippo's assembly back in its shell, wipe the outside of the shell and clean hands to remove any excess fluid before trying to light the lighter.

Check out this forum thread specifically for discussing Zippo Maintenance on RottenEggs.com.

LA Times Story

Early in the month of January (2008) A guy got shot by an La cop, the police say the man brandished something that looked like a gun. however it turned out to be a lighter shaped like a gun. The man that got shot was supposedly robbing a lumber yard, the cop followed him from the lumber yard. When the suspect noticed he was being followed he stopped his car and walked toward the police car with the gun lighter in his hand.

Most of the gun shaped lighters that I have in my collection and ones that I have seen are usually way smaller than a real gun. And you would think that those types of lighter would have something that makes it obvious they are fake. Like toy guns, they are required to have they orange tip so cops know they are fake and do not shot someone (or a kid) that does not need shotting. I remember a when a kid got shot by a cop because the kid was pointing a toy gun at a cop when the car the boy was in got pulled over. I believe that is when they made manufactures of toy guns put orange on the barrels of the toy guns.

Read full story at LA Times.com

Big daddy Lighter

This Big Daddy lighter was bought at a convenience store, our town's version of circle K. If I remember correctly it was 14.99.

Here it is next to my other big zippo lighter (The Big Daddy lighter has its box behind it). You can see it is about the same size, the Big daddy just has a more rounded top. I think the reflection of the plant one the lighter(right)is cool. The Big Daddy lighter is not as shiny as the other big zippo.

I plan on keeping it in the box so I will be able to tell it apart from the other big zippo lighter,lol.


Hey everyone, I have just listed lightersville at Blogoria.com. Check it out! I haven't really had the time to surf Blogoria to much since I opened the account.

Shit Happens Lighter

This one looks kind of old. It was given to me so I have no idea how much it cost or anything like that.

I would of liked to of seen the picture of it when it was new, however it doesn't look like much has worn off. I am thinking that is how it was. I am not sure what those things coming out of his head are supposed to be? At first I thought ears but I have never seen ears like that,lol. The red is his lips, I love that his pants are down,lol. The character doesn't seem to be human, so anything is possible.

I haven't tried to fill it with liquid or anything. I will try to get a better picture of the character on it.

Laser/Lighter Light Show

This is cool, all he uses is a home made laser pointer, 2 cans and a cigarette lighter to make a laser show. The 85 second video is fun to watch. In it you are shown how to set up a laser show just like it. The instructions are great for it being a short video.

Of course this is dangerous, simple but dangerous, so use caution if you are planing on making your own laser show. Check out the comments for the "Laser Show" post on MetaCafe.com for some safety tips from other readers. It is crazy what you find on the internet.

Cigarette Lighter Laser Show - The best bloopers are a click away

Lighter Leash

This is pretty cool, a lighter leash (sorry, I could not get a picture). Considering how often people lose their lighters, I am surprised that I haven't see this product before. from the pictures on the website it seems you wear it like a necklace and your lighter clips into something at the end that dangles. They also have one that clips to your belt loop.

If you own a store or business you can sign up to be a distributor of these lighter leashes. It seems to be a good seller, according to the customer testimonies on the website.

Stack of Quarters Lighter

I got this one at a Checker Auto Parts store. We had to make a trip there because the starter in the truck decided it wasn't going to work anymore. The tag said 4.99 but when it got scanned it only came up 3.99. And I wasn't going to correct the machine, if they wanted to give it me at $1.00 off who am I to say no. I only say something when I am being over charged. lol.

As you can see the year on the quarter is 1996. I should have looked at the others to see if they all had the same date.

It has a green flame, I wonder how long the green flame would last with normal use of lighter that has that feature? I do not use my lighter collection on a normal basic, so I may never know.