Pittsburgh Steelers Lighter x 2

I am not much of a Football fan but the more I watch it, the more I like it. Both of these were bought at the same convent store (Pic-Quick), just at different times. I think we paid $3.00- $4.00.

Both are re-fillable.

Shot Gun Lighter

Lighter is about 11" long

This was given to me by the same person that gave the Alien lighter. To light it you push down on the cocking lever.

Close up of details.


The dual flames are my favorite feature on this lighter.

Mini Cell Phone Lighter

This one is so small. I should put a quarter next to it and take a picture so you can see how small, I did not think of putting something next to it for comparison. May be I will get one up or replace one of these pictures, we will see.

it seems old, or at the least it wasn't treated very nicely before it
got to me. It was given to me, which happens alot since everyone that knows me knows that have I've been collect lighters for a few years. To light it you push down on the antenna and the flame comes out the opposite side on the antenna (on the top).

The number buttons do not do anything, like beep. It would be cool if they did. I would like to find a bigger cell phone one.

Pool Ball Lighter

This is one of three I got off eBay, in the listing it had it as a number 6. I was going to get a number nine pool ball lighter to go with it but that won't be the same now.
I only paid 0.01 cent for it, but the shipping was 5.99, so the total was 6.00. It has a 2005 date on the sticker like the other lighters I got from that seller.

To light it you push on one of the five's

Automatic Lighter

I have never seen anything like this before, it is mounted on the wall or on a post.  it is supposedly flameless too.  You have to go to and look at it. With a cigarette in your mouth you put the end into the hole and push the lit button.
         They say "common locations" for these machines are correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, nursing home and industrial sites: any where an open flame should be avoided but smoking is okay.

 They are made by the Ozilite company, and I think they are based outside the US.   I see they serve the US, so you can buy one if you want one.  Never the less it is fun to look at it.

 I like the idea of having free 'fire' available, but in the US this machine will become useless after a while since they are always making new laws to keep people from smoking. Next thing you know you will not even be able to smoke in your own home.

Zippo Maintenance

Replacing/Trimming the Wick:
Your Zippo cannot work without a wick, so maintaining is it important.

If the wick is looking badly burned at the Chimney (wind guard) try trimming it before replacing it. Get a pair of needle nose pliers (or anything that will grab it) and pull the wick straight up until you see clean wick. Cut the wick even with the top of the chimney.

If wick replacement is necessary, you must first remove all the cotton padding with tweezers or needle nose pliers, than thread new wick through the hole leading to the chimney. Make wick level with the chimney. Replace the cotton padding small chunks at a time, making sure to weave the wick back and forth so it goes through the cotton.

The flint is a likely culprit if your Zippo is not lighting, it is always a good idea to keep a few on hand if you a Zippo lighter frequently. To replace it you must remove the lighter assembly from the lighter shell. Locate the screw at the bottom of the assembly and loosen it. This can usually be done with your fingers but a screwdriver or coin may be required. You remove the screw and the spring, with a good shake any remnants of the old flint should fall right out (if any). Take the replacement flint and drop it in the hole, than replace the spring and screw, tightening it until finger tight. Put the assembly back in the shell. If it doesn't seem like the flint is getting hit, wiggle the striker. That should get it to strike the flint.

Some people put two flints in the hole when replacing flint's so when the first one runs out a replacement is already there.


Refilling a Zippo really shouldn't take instructions, but I will write them anyways.

Remove the Zippo's assembly from shell, see if your Zippo has a small hole on the bottom of the assembly for refilling. If there is no hole just lift the bottom part until you can see the cotton inside. Take the bottle of lighter fluid and saturate the cotton padding, be sure not to over do it. Over doing it can cause the lighter fluid to leak out.
The bottle of lighter fluid may have a 'safety nozzle'. If it does and you cannot open it with your fingers, you can use the Zippo's assembly to open it.

After you put the Zippo's assembly back in its shell, wipe the outside of the shell and clean hands to remove any excess fluid before trying to light the lighter.

Check out this forum thread specifically for discussing Zippo Maintenance on RottenEggs.com.

LA Times Story

Early in the month of January (2008) A guy got shot by an La cop, the police say the man brandished something that looked like a gun. however it turned out to be a lighter shaped like a gun. The man that got shot was supposedly robbing a lumber yard, the cop followed him from the lumber yard. When the suspect noticed he was being followed he stopped his car and walked toward the police car with the gun lighter in his hand.

Most of the gun shaped lighters that I have in my collection and ones that I have seen are usually way smaller than a real gun. And you would think that those types of lighter would have something that makes it obvious they are fake. Like toy guns, they are required to have they orange tip so cops know they are fake and do not shot someone (or a kid) that does not need shotting. I remember a when a kid got shot by a cop because the kid was pointing a toy gun at a cop when the car the boy was in got pulled over. I believe that is when they made manufactures of toy guns put orange on the barrels of the toy guns.

Read full story at LA Times.com

Big daddy Lighter

This Big Daddy lighter was bought at a convenience store, our town's version of circle K. If I remember correctly it was 14.99.

Here it is next to my other big zippo lighter (The Big Daddy lighter has its box behind it). You can see it is about the same size, the Big daddy just has a more rounded top. I think the reflection of the plant one the lighter(right)is cool. The Big Daddy lighter is not as shiny as the other big zippo.

I plan on keeping it in the box so I will be able to tell it apart from the other big zippo lighter,lol.


Hey everyone, I have just listed lightersville at Blogoria.com. Check it out! I haven't really had the time to surf Blogoria to much since I opened the account.

Shit Happens Lighter

This one looks kind of old. It was given to me so I have no idea how much it cost or anything like that.

I would of liked to of seen the picture of it when it was new, however it doesn't look like much has worn off. I am thinking that is how it was. I am not sure what those things coming out of his head are supposed to be? At first I thought ears but I have never seen ears like that,lol. The red is his lips, I love that his pants are down,lol. The character doesn't seem to be human, so anything is possible.

I haven't tried to fill it with liquid or anything. I will try to get a better picture of the character on it.

Laser/Lighter Light Show

This is cool, all he uses is a home made laser pointer, 2 cans and a cigarette lighter to make a laser show. The 85 second video is fun to watch. In it you are shown how to set up a laser show just like it. The instructions are great for it being a short video.

Of course this is dangerous, simple but dangerous, so use caution if you are planing on making your own laser show. Check out the comments for the "Laser Show" post on MetaCafe.com for some safety tips from other readers. It is crazy what you find on the internet.

Cigarette Lighter Laser Show - The best bloopers are a click away

Lighter Leash

This is pretty cool, a lighter leash (sorry, I could not get a picture). Considering how often people lose their lighters, I am surprised that I haven't see this product before. from the pictures on the website it seems you wear it like a necklace and your lighter clips into something at the end that dangles. They also have one that clips to your belt loop.

If you own a store or business you can sign up to be a distributor of these lighter leashes. It seems to be a good seller, according to the customer testimonies on the website.

Stack of Quarters Lighter

I got this one at a Checker Auto Parts store. We had to make a trip there because the starter in the truck decided it wasn't going to work anymore. The tag said 4.99 but when it got scanned it only came up 3.99. And I wasn't going to correct the machine, if they wanted to give it me at $1.00 off who am I to say no. I only say something when I am being over charged. lol.

As you can see the year on the quarter is 1996. I should have looked at the others to see if they all had the same date.

It has a green flame, I wonder how long the green flame would last with normal use of lighter that has that feature? I do not use my lighter collection on a normal basic, so I may never know.

Winston Select Lighter

This one is a thin and flat lighter It looks real old, but I cannot find anything to tell me when it was made. It seems to be made so it can slip into a pack of cigarettes.

When inspecting it you can tell it used to have white in those little grooves on the sides. There is some left on the back left side. You can't see it on the metal in the picture, but it has Winston Select engraved on it (both sides).
You can see how thin it is compared to a normal size Zippo.

I have never tried to put fluid in it to see if it lights. I bet it would, everything sounds good when you dry light it.

Other Lighter Collection

http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=lighters&w=8743957%40N08:     This link does not have very many lighters, and most are disposable too.

  This guy sells lighters as well as collecting them.  Seems more about selling than collecting.


 The lighter King has collection of 2125 lighters.     I am hoping he will link to Lightersville.com, I know my collection is nothing compared to his but maybe he will show some pitty (lol) for someone beginning their collection.  I will email him about it in a few days.

On The Lighter Side:
 I s a club for lighter enthusiasts, you have to pay to be a member.  They are  frequently referred to as .
 They have links to their members websites, there is not that many for it being a club. The membership fees are a little high. but I am thinking about becoming a member anyways.

Add Your Blog.com

Cool Video's

I found a whole bunch of video's that involve lighters, so many to watch so little time.LOL

Videos Search Engine. Check Out for the latest

This kid and his tricks!!

Videos Search Engine. Check Out for the latest

Not a cool way to wake up,lol.

Videos Search Engine. Check Out for the latest

How to Refill a Torch/Jet-flame Lighters

Having many torch/jet-flame lighters I have to made it a habit out of refilling them,lol. However, there is a wrong way to do it. Yes, your lighter will get fuel, but you could damage it if it is do wrong.

Refilling a torch lighter:

Step 1. Turn the flame adjustment screw all the way clockwise to shut off all fuel flow. (usually next to the refilling hole)

Step 2. With the refilling hole on your lighter pointing up, press the can of fuel into the lighter with the fuel can nozzle pointing down. The lighter does not refill in 2 seconds, and DO NOT pump the the fuel can into the lighter. This could cause the tank to rupture, especially in some of the less expensive lighters.

Step 3. After refilling, let it rest so it reaches room temperature. The fuel gets cold when it comes out of the fuel container and will expand as it reaches normal temperatures.

Step 4. Turn the flame adjustment screw ½ turn counter clockwise and try to light the lighter. Turn the screw in ¼ increments until the lighter lights. Make minor adjustments as you need too.

A few tips and tricks:

If the lighter will not ignite, blow sharply into the
flame mechanism. Sometimes there can be small particles,
dust and dirt which will prevent the lighter from lighting. You could use a can of air,
Which can be purchased at almost any store.

For faster refilling. Place your lighter in the freezer for a few minutes. When a lighter is cold it will actually suck the fuel from the can and make the refilling process faster.

Red Fire Hydrant Lighter

The only thing missing is a dog peeing on it,lol. I could not find a dog small enough to pose next to it.

Once again this one was bought at the truck stop, for $6.99. It is hard to lite, I will have to get someone else to hold it a lite it for a picture. to lite it you push down on the biggest valve (facing you).

Duralsell Battery Lighter

I shopped victoriously on eBay.com and this is one of my prizes,lol. eBay can be so addictive. I only paid 0.01 cent for this lighter, but the shipping was $5.99. Total $6.00.

It was described as a C size battery, but it is not the size of a C battery. It is taller and skinner than a C battery. I still like though. I love the green flame, I am told it happens because there is a piece of copper where the flame comes out.

It has a sticker on it, as if it came from a store. The date on it is May 2005.

The misspelling of Duracell is cute (Drualsell)

Green Flame!!

Flaming Skull Lighter

My boyfriend acquired this lighter while working as a maintenance man at a local hotel (chief of maintenance). The hotel had just installed new safes in all of the room and he was the only one that knew how to open and reset them after a guest had checked out.

This lighter was left in a safe along with a pack of cigarettes. The maid was just going to throw it out so he brought it home to me.

It is refillable.

Red Dice Lighter

This 'Dice' one was bought at a Family Dollar Store, for 5.99. Photobucket

We were checking out and it was in a display on the checkout counter, I could not help myself. The numbers on the sides are wrong,lol, there are two many sides with "six dots" on them. But I do not care. I want some white dice now.

Tractor Lighter

This lighter was bought at the Truck Stop (many of them were) for about $5.00. I thought it was funny taking its picture in the grass, since it is a tractor,lol. make it feel at home. The design is flawed, I do not like where you light it at. Maybe it is a matter of getting used to it. Of course I hardly use any of the lighters in my collection ( after the day I buy them).

If this one wasn't bought for me, I do not think I would have gotten it on my own. But, now I would like to get a cow one and other 'Farm' themed ones.

Bigger, Big Zippo "like" Lighter

This one is even bigger than the other one (almost 7" tall). I just got this one last week from the truck stop, it was $24.00 and some change. It does not have a brand name or any markings saying who made or anything like that. I was right there when it was bought, if they are still being sold at the truck stop I will look at the display box and see if it says who makes them.

This is it next to the other big lighter. These lighters get dirty fast. fingerprints are all over it,lol. I wipe them down and the next thing I know they are covered in fingerprints. yesterday my Bf got me another big one, similar to this one.
I am checking out lighters on eBay. I am so tempted to buy.

Official ChaCha Guide

Other Lighter Collections


This collection puts mine to shame, there is only one page worth but they are cool. I guess this guy is a guide on Maui. The coffeepot one is really cute, I also like the Fire Extinguisher one too. the Cassette one is bad-ass. I really like lighters that look like stuff.


This one has a lot of older ones.


this is a big collection of pictures of lighters on webshots.com

I have found a few websites that sell shaped lighters, I wish I had the money to buy all the ones that I want.
Later this week I should be posting more pictures of my collection. I have got two new ones in the last few weeks.

Big Zippo "Like" Lighter

Shortly after bringing me the alien lighter that same friend brought me this big zippo like lighter. I say zippo like because it does not say it is a zippo. Standing at almost 5 inches tall, it towers over a standard size zippo lighters. It is the perfect size for a man with big hands,lol, and a perfect edition to my new lighter collection.

I would of gotten a picture of it lit but I keep it empty, for safety reasons. It has a tendency to burst into a ball flames when it is lit. the seal where the fluid goes it not to good and it leaks out. It could really scare someone that was not expecting it to burst into flames.lol. Maybe, when I get some fluid I will get a video of it on fire ( while someone else holds it,lol).

What's on Wikipedia about Lighters

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A typical lighter sparked and lit
A typical lighter sparked and lit

A lighter is a portable device used to create a flame. It consists of a metal or plastic container filled with lighter fluid (usually naphtha or liquid butane under pressure), as well as a means of ignition and some provision for extinguishing the flame, by depriving it of either air or fuel.

Lighters using naphtha have a wick which is immersed in the fluid and becomes saturated. This type usually has a fiber packing material which absorbs the liquid to keep it from leaking. They also must have an enclosed top to prevent the volatile liquid from evaporating, and to conveniently extinguish the flame. Butane lighters have a valved orifice that meters the butane as it escapes as a gas.

A spark is created by striking metal against a flint, or by pressing a button that compresses a piezoelectric crystal, generating a voltaic arc (see Piezo ignition). In naphtha lighters the liquid is volatile enough that flammable gas is present as soon as the top of the lighter is opened. Butane lighters combine the striking action with the opening of the valve to release gas. The spark ignites the flammable gas causing a flame to come out of the lighter which continues until either the top is closed (naphtha type), or the valve is released (butane type).

A metal enclosure with air holes generally surrounds the flame, and is designed to allow mixing of fuel and air while making the lighter less sensitive to wind. The high energy jet in butane lighters allows mixing to be accomplished by using Bernoulli's principle, so that the air hole(s) in this type tend to be much smaller and farther from the flame.


The first lighter, Döbereiner's lamp, was invented by Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner in 1823. It stayed in production until 1880.The first "match" was created in 1805. The first friction match, which can be ignited on virtually any surface (i.e. fabric) was created in 1827, 4 years after the lighter. [1]

They have a few pictures of lighters on Wikipedia.

Singing Alien- "its a small world"

This was the lighter that started my collection of lighters. It was given to me by a long time family friend, who is also a long time junk collector,lol. He usually brings the best of his junk to me to see if I want it before it gets 'lost' in his piles of stuff. He has brought many things but this was the first lighter.

I have no idea where he got it from, there isn't any markings on it anywhere saying where it was made or anything like that.

I call this the 'Singing Alien" because aside from the lights and noises it makes when it is in use, it will sing a song(with music, like humming). When I first heard it, it tripped me out since I did not know it did that. I was showing it to someone, so it was lit around five or six times. My friend didn't stay long, about 10 minutes or so. When they left I put the alien lighter on the shelf and went back to watching TV. About a minute later I heard 'its a small world' playing and it wasn't on the TV. So, I got up and started putting my ear up to stuff in the area where it sounded like it was coming from, trying for find what was making it music. I bet I looked silly.
The music was slowing down, so I had to find it before it stopped.
Luckly, I was close enough to the Alien lighter to see from the corner of my eye, it's last few flashes of its lights.

I grabbed the Alien off the shelf and repeated what me and my friend did earlier, lighting it five-six times. I sat down and put it on the coffee table in front of me and starred at it waiting for it to do it again. It finally did it again, I had to light a few more times, but it did it. I a glad I wasn't hearing thing,lol.

Now, when I show it to people I let them discover it the way I did. I just make sure it has been lit enough times before I 'put it back' on the shelf. Most people have the same reaction I did, they get a confused look on their face and start looking for where it is coming from. everyone gets a good laugh out of it.

First Post

Welcome to Lightersville!!

This weekend my boyfriend and I made some shelfs for my collection of lighters, (about 25 lighters). While we were making the shelfs I thought to myself, "I should start a blog and put pictures of all my lighters on it", "and other people that collect lighters can posts pictures of theirs too". I am getting my stuff together and will be posting pictures by next week. I have a few lighters that I cannot show because they are of an "adult" nature.

This blog almost wasn't, because I misspelled the word lighters when I bought the domain name. Good thing Godaddy lets you cancel a domain name within 5 days. I caught my mistake the next day.