Automatic Lighter

I have never seen anything like this before, it is mounted on the wall or on a post.  it is supposedly flameless too.  You have to go to and look at it. With a cigarette in your mouth you put the end into the hole and push the lit button.
         They say "common locations" for these machines are correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, nursing home and industrial sites: any where an open flame should be avoided but smoking is okay.

 They are made by the Ozilite company, and I think they are based outside the US.   I see they serve the US, so you can buy one if you want one.  Never the less it is fun to look at it.

 I like the idea of having free 'fire' available, but in the US this machine will become useless after a while since they are always making new laws to keep people from smoking. Next thing you know you will not even be able to smoke in your own home.

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