Big daddy Lighter

This Big Daddy lighter was bought at a convenience store, our town's version of circle K. If I remember correctly it was 14.99.

Here it is next to my other big zippo lighter (The Big Daddy lighter has its box behind it). You can see it is about the same size, the Big daddy just has a more rounded top. I think the reflection of the plant one the lighter(right)is cool. The Big Daddy lighter is not as shiny as the other big zippo.

I plan on keeping it in the box so I will be able to tell it apart from the other big zippo lighter,lol.


Anonymous said... has a huge lighter just like this for sale.

Unknown said...

Does your Big Daddy lighter actually work? I have never been able to get mine to light. I've had it for over two years, most of that time spent in a cabinet because it was useless. If the Big Daddy never works, does your other big Zippo work? Thanks!

REZ said...

My big daddy lighter works. Getting it to work took some doing. I had to disassemble it and adjust the wick. Don't forget to put enough fuel into the cotton -- it takes 6 oz. The Ronsonal fluid bottle only holds 8 oz, so that just about kills the bottle. Once properly adjusted, the flame is proportional to the lighter.