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Barrel Lighter?

I do not really know what this lighter is supposed to be, but I think it kind of looks like a barrel or a mini pen,lol.

I like the big flame adjuster at the bottom, it is easy to adjust. but with this lighter you do not want to make the flame to big. I have noticed it uses a lot of fuel . It was about half full when I bought it and it was almost empty by that night.

By the way I just got this one! The brand name is cool GuangDa, I have never seen it on a lighter before. It is probably a big name in the lighter industry and I am all " I've never heard of them", lol.

"It glows red, when you lit it" or

After buying a Lighter Leash, I wanted to go back to the website I had first seen them on. I did a search on Google (Lighter Leash) and two sites came up, one claims to be the original Lighter Leash.

The products are very similar but there are a few differences. the clipping thing is different, I like the clippy thing on the one from better than the one I have. I was thinking about contacting both of them and seeing which one would tell me what the two sites are about.
I doubt either will, but it might be fun to try.

I would like to try the one from the other website to see if it is better, the one I have is already broke (well, almost). The string that attaches the lighter holder to the retractable thing is worn so much that it is about to snap. I have stopped using it so I do not loose the thing inside it.