, What a joke!!!

Their Mission: Mission Statement: The No Novelty Lighter Coalition is working to prevent injuries, loss of life, and property loses due to fire from novelty / toy-like lighters.

Goal: The No Novelty Lighter Coalition is calling upon municipalities and counties in the state of Arkansas to ban novelty / toy-like lighters. The coalition is working to assist fire departments in the state and country with these efforts. In addition, the coalition is working to support the national initiative by the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal to ensure that novelty / toy-like lighters are banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The coalition is dedicated to promoting fire safety education programs directed at this initiative. (off the website)

What a joke, I am sorry that some people are stupid enough not to see that an object is a lighter. It is not like novelty lighters are a new thing. I could see their complaining if they were in the toy aisle, but when they are at the check out counter it is kind of obvious.

I used to "play" with lighters and matches when I was young, I burned the trash (back when you could burn your trash). It depends on the parents and how much they teach their children. why should people like me suffer because others do not want to teach their kids.

They even have "form" section that has pre-written for people to complain to a store for selling Novelty Lighters.

Here it is:
October 15, 2007

Re; Sale Display of Novelty Lighters

Dear Business Owner/Manager,

Children are enticed to play with fire in the first place. Making them look like toys is all the more reason to keep them out of their hands. A child shouldn’t have to distinguish between a toy and a cigarette lighter.
Novelty lighters have features which are attractive to children, including but not limited to: visual affects, flashing lights, musical sounds and toy-like designs. It is in the best interest of the citizens of the City of Your town, Arkansas to restrict the sale and distribution of novelty lighters.

This letter is “Official Notice” that the City of Your town, Arkansas has banned the sale of novelty lighters within the city limits of Your town, Effective:
October 11, 2007.

Your assistance/cooperation on this matter is greatly appreciated. Please see attached copy of city ordinance 0000-00


Your Name
Fire Chief


I really hope they get over this.

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