The Lighter Collection ( a story by Gail Louise Siegel)

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The Lighter Collection

Jack hadn't planned on collecting cigarette lighters. True, he did love wicked dancing flames, the swell of yellow-blue fire licking skyward. It was his favorite part of smoking, lighting up. Long after the kids nagged him into quitting, years after he stopped picking up souvenir matchbooks to prove to himself where he'd been, he still kept a lighter in his pocket. Like a switchblade, he never knew when he'd need it.

Then, one day, at a bar and out of neglect a woman left him a lighter as a keepsake. They'd talked long into the night. She was lonely, tired, too tired to leave, or too tired to leave with him. But she liked him. She liked the cracked brown leather of his flight jacket, a conceit for a one-time anti-war flower child, and his ash colored hair -- too long to be fashionable. It struck her as the right balance between fantasy and lack of pretension. She thought Jack had a comfortable smile -- not too eager to please, but willing."


I found this while surfing the net, it is a fun read. Click the arrows at the bottom to read other stories.


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Pocket Lighter & Pyro Gadgets Club

Sometimes referred to as the PLPG, they want to keep the hobby of lighter collecting alive. Many of the members have been collecting for years and have a lot experience to share (with other members of course). According the PLPG website, it is the place to be if you are a serious lighter collector.

Once a year the PLPG has a show (in St. Louis, other site will considered in for future shows). At the show you can buy and sell lighters, even trade (stories too, not just lighters). Members of the PLPG get a discount on lighters for sale at the show or get your lighters appraised. Entry is free (for members).

Keeper of the Flame Award:

At the St. Louis show a "Keeper of The Flame" is choosen (by past "Keeper's"). The winner gets a plaque and is featured in Flint& Flame. To be considered to the Keeper Award you must make contributions to the hobby of lighter collecting.

I have been wanting to join a lighter collecting club for a while, but I hate that they charge to become a member.

About Flint & Flame:
From PLPG website:
"The PLPG publication is called Flint & Flame. It is 5.5 " x 8.5 " of the most informative documentation on lighter collecting available to the collector today. It is published 4 times per year .

The Flint & Flame is produced in COLOR, which means you get to view clear, sharp photos of lighters as they really look. Besides informative feature articles written by knowledgeable collectors, Flint and Flame also provides lighter event details, want and sale ads (free to members) and much, much more."
This is also a perfect way to meet people with the same interest that you have, so what do you have to loose, come and join the PLPG today."