Here is a stupid article on "decorating a disposable lighter". I like the idea, but for more of a "time filler". I would not go buy disposable lighters just to decorate them.

And, if you use a sticker you will lose it when you have to throw the lighter away. So, you can't use one that you really like . I do like the fabric idea. But, again you have the problem of losing the cool fabric. She should have wrote one about making lighter covers(that you can take the lighter out of and replace it with a new one) (or buying plan lighter covers and decorating them). Maybe I will make one for myself and put how I did it on here.

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Crystal Lighters

Using only the highest quality
Swarovski crystals
Handcrafted in the Cricket Premium Paris Piece by piece Manually.
The manual crystal settings
and the engraved design are both
unique and unprecedented.

These are some expensive Lighters ($60 a lighter), they are pretty and cool. If I had $60 buck to waste on a lighter I would buy one of these for my collection.