Put Your Twitter Account to Use!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Sponsored Tweets. All opinions are 100% mine.

From the creators of Social Spark comes a new way to earn $ from your time online.

sign up for sponsored tweets

After a quick Google search I found that there is a few other companies that claim you can make money with your twitter account. However Sponsored Tweets seems to be the only one that seems to be legit.  The other ones I have looked at always have a disclaimer saying they are not affiliated with twitter.  I should say I could not find out if ST is affiliated with Twitter or not.  However, the fact that a disclaimer isn't on the site leads me to believe that Twitter is on board with this program.

It works in the same way most of these programs work.
You have to have a Twitter account, then you sign up at sponsored tweets.  You can set your own price per tweet, this can be on your ST profile or you can put "call for price" in that section. 

Many celebrities have jumped on this ban-wagon. And, I have a feeling that more will soon.  It will be interesting  to see how big this gets.   ST has very stern disclosure rules, so it should be easy to see when a tweet is sponsored.  

Cool Feature:
Sponsored Tweetup's: This is where Sponsored Tweets pays for a party.  You may ask yourself why would they pay me to party?  Well they want to build their community. Keep in mind that when you host a Tweetup you will have to take pictures (that will be posted online).  You also have to apply for Tweetup's,  so don't go throwing a party tonight, lol.  You will need at least 50 guest to "confirm" that they will be attending before you apply.

SocialSpark Disclosure Badge 
Disclosure:  If you haven't figured it out by now, this is a sponsored post! 


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