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Early in the month of January (2008) A guy got shot by an La cop, the police say the man brandished something that looked like a gun. however it turned out to be a lighter shaped like a gun. The man that got shot was supposedly robbing a lumber yard, the cop followed him from the lumber yard. When the suspect noticed he was being followed he stopped his car and walked toward the police car with the gun lighter in his hand.

Most of the gun shaped lighters that I have in my collection and ones that I have seen are usually way smaller than a real gun. And you would think that those types of lighter would have something that makes it obvious they are fake. Like toy guns, they are required to have they orange tip so cops know they are fake and do not shot someone (or a kid) that does not need shotting. I remember a when a kid got shot by a cop because the kid was pointing a toy gun at a cop when the car the boy was in got pulled over. I believe that is when they made manufactures of toy guns put orange on the barrels of the toy guns.

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