Big Match Lighter

this one has a kind of funny story as to how I got it. One morning when I let my dog out, I'd seen something hanging from the over-hang of the house. Since it was bright outside and I have blue eyes, I could not see very well. When I got from the over hang and seen what it was, it instantly became one of my favorite lighters.

You can see in the picture how much bigger it is than the real stick matches. The tag on it says "Jan. 2006", so it is not too old. I have gotten it to lit a few times but I haven't refilled it since I used it up.

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Anonymous said...

ok, you found the lighter hanging and now you left us hanging. Did you ever find out how it got on your roof? Can you do an update if you ever find out the brand or who made it? Your photo is very creative.
This was a fun find!