I Bought a Lighter Leash!!

A few post ago I linked to a product called Lighter Leash, the name describes it good. It is a leash for your lighter. If you have ever carried a lighter you know how easy it is for one to walk away with someone else,lol.

as fun as it is to play with it has some down falls, like it only holds Bic shaped lighters. I tried other shapes but they do not fit in it.

I like how long the leash is, the length of a leg as you can see in the picture, it is long enough to let someone else use it with out taking it off your belt/pocket, etc..

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Anonymous said...

The Lighter Leash come in two different sizes that fit most lighters on the market. There is a "mini" lighter leash that holds cheap lighters and your mini bic's. I would imagine that if you called the guys at Lighterleash.com they will help you get the right product!