"White Dice" Lighter

white dice 1

I got this at the same place I got the "Red Dice" lighter (Family Dollar). There was a top that was for a "Clear Dice" version but there was no lighter part, otherwise I would have bought the Clear Dice one too.

white dice 2
"I put cards behind it to go with a Game theme, lol."

Someone should make one like this but have the dice be able to spin so you can make the sides add up to what you want. If you used it a lighter (and did not put on a shelf like me) it would give your fingers something to do.

I have a few new lighters that I need to post, I am just slow and things get in the way of getting online, lol.


Anonymous said...

hey hi, i have the same white lighter from "family dollar" and i was looking for information about the fuel that uses but i di not found any, but i got these web site and i heard that your are looking for the clear "dice lighter" well wen i was looking for information i found the lighter in "ebay" and here is the link i hope that it will help u


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maybe you have the information that i need

collectibles said...

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