Collection of novelty lighters

I have been collecting lighters for years now, I thought it would be fun to share my collection. My favorite type of lighters are the novelty lighters, however I will accept any kind of lighter into my collection!

Big Zippo-Like Lighter

Shortly after bringing me the alien lighter that same friend brought me this big zippo like lighter. I say zippo-like because it does not say it is a zippo. Standing at almost 5 inches tall, it towers over a standard-size zippo lighter. It is the perfect size for a man with big hands, and a perfect edition to my new lighter collection.

I would of gotten a picture of it lit but I keep it empty, for safety reasons. It has a tendency to burst into a ball of flames when it is lit. The seal where the fluid goes it not to good and it leaks out. It could really scare someone that was not expecting it to burst into flames. Maybe, when I get some fluid I will get a video of it on fire ( while someone else holds it).

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