Collection of novelty lighters

I have been collecting lighters for years now, I thought it would be fun to share my collection. My favorite type of lighters are the novelty lighters, however I will accept any kind of lighter into my collection!

Stack of quarters lighter

I got this one at a Checker Auto Parts store. We had to make a trip there because the starter in our truck decided it wasn’t going to work anymore. The tag said $4.99 but when it got scanned it only came up $3.99. And I wasn’t going to correct the machine, if they wanted to give it me at $1.00 off who am I to say no.

As you can see the year of the quarter is 1996.

It has a green flame, I wonder how long the green flame would last with normal use? I do not use my lighter collection on a normal basis, so I may never know.

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