Collection of novelty lighters

I have been collecting lighters for years. I thought it would be fun to share my collection. My favorite type of lighters are the novelty lighters, however I will accept any kind of lighter into my collection!

Tag: Zippo

  • Sh!t Happens Lighter

    Sh!t Happens Lighter

    This one looks kind of old. It was given to me so I have no idea how much it cost or anything like that. I would have liked to of seen the picture of it when it was new, however, it doesn’t look like much has worn off. I am thinking that is how it…

  • Bigger, big zippo “like” lighter

    Bigger, big zippo “like” lighter

    This one is even bigger than the other one (almost 7″ tall). I got this one from the local truck stop, it was $24.00 and some change. It does not have a brand name or any markings saying who made or anything like that. This is it next to the other big lighter. These lighters…

  • Big Zippo-Like Lighter

    Shortly after bringing me the alien lighter that same friend brought me this big zippo like lighter. I say zippo-like because it does not say it is a zippo. Standing at almost 5 inches tall, it towers over a standard-size zippo lighter. It is the perfect size for a man with big hands, and a…

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