Collection of novelty lighters

I have been collecting lighters for years. I thought it would be fun to share my collection. My favorite type of lighters are the novelty lighters, however I will accept any kind of lighter into my collection!

Tag: Big Zippo

  • Big daddy lighter

    Big daddy lighter

    This Big Daddy lighter was bought at a convenience store, our town’s version of circle K. If I remember correctly it was 14.99. Here it is next to my other big zippo lighter (The Big Daddy lighter has its box behind it). You can see it is about the same size, the Big daddy just…

  • Bigger, big zippo “like” lighter

    Bigger, big zippo “like” lighter

    This one is even bigger than the other one (almost 7″ tall). I got this one from the local truck stop, it was $24.00 and some change. It does not have a brand name or any markings saying who made or anything like that. This is it next to the other big lighter. These lighters…

  • Big Zippo-Like Lighter

    Shortly after bringing me the alien lighter that same friend brought me this big zippo like lighter. I say zippo-like because it does not say it is a zippo. Standing at almost 5 inches tall, it towers over a standard-size zippo lighter. It is the perfect size for a man with big hands, and a…

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