Collection of novelty lighters

I have been collecting lighters for years. I thought it would be fun to share my collection. My favorite type of lighters are the novelty lighters, however I will accept any kind of lighter into my collection!

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  • Frog lighter

    Frog lighter

    I got a good laugh the other day about this lighter. The eyes flash when you lite it!

  • Barrel lighter?

    I do not really know what this lighter is supposed to be, but I think it kind of looks like a barrel or a mini pen. I like the big flame adjuster at the bottom, it is easy to adjust. but with this lighter you do not want to make the flame too big. I…

  • Football lighter

    Football lighter

    This football-shaped lighter is cool. I just wish they had team logos on them. I am sure the plain footballs sell better than if they had team logos on them. It was about $6.00. It hit me the other day, I should leave labels on since they have dates on them and stuff. The shape…

  • Big match lighter

    Big match lighter

    This one has a kind of funny story as to how I got it. One morning when I let my dog out, I saw something hanging from the overhang of the house. Since it was bright outside and I have blue eyes, I could not see very well. When I got from the overhang and…

  • Elvis Presley lighters

    These are not mine, but my brother-in-law’s, they are a part of his Elvis Presley collection.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers Lighters

    I am not much of a Football fan but both of these were bought at the same convent store (Pic-Quick), just at different times. I think we paid $3.00- $4.00. Both are re-fillable.

  • Shot gun lighter

    Shot gun lighter

    Lighter is about 11″ long This was given to me by the same person that gave the Alien lighter. To light it you push down on the cocking handle. The dual flames are my favorite feature of this lighter.

  • Mini cell phone lighter

    Mini cell phone lighter

    This one is so small. I should put a quarter next to it and take a picture so you can see how small, I did not think of putting something next to it for comparison. It seems old, or at the least, it wasn’t treated very nicely before itgot to me. It was given to…

  • Pool ball lighter

    Pool ball lighter

    This is one of three I got off eBay, in the listing it had it as a number 6. I was going to get a number nine pool ball lighter to go with it but that won’t be the same now. I only paid 0.01 for it, but the shipping was $5.99, so the total…

  • Big daddy lighter

    Big daddy lighter

    This Big Daddy lighter was bought at a convenience store, our town’s version of circle K. If I remember correctly it was 14.99. Here it is next to my other big zippo lighter (The Big Daddy lighter has its box behind it). You can see it is about the same size, the Big daddy just…

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