Collection of novelty lighters

I have been collecting lighters for years. I thought it would be fun to share my collection. My favorite type of lighters are the novelty lighters, however I will accept any kind of lighter into my collection!

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  • Sh!t Happens Lighter

    Sh!t Happens Lighter

    This one looks kind of old. It was given to me so I have no idea how much it cost or anything like that. I would have liked to of seen the picture of it when it was new, however, it doesn’t look like much has worn off. I am thinking that is how it…

  • Stack of quarters lighter

    I got this one at a Checker Auto Parts store. We had to make a trip there because the starter in our truck decided it wasn’t going to work anymore. The tag said $4.99 but when it got scanned it only came up $3.99. And I wasn’t going to correct the machine, if they wanted…

  • Winston Select Lighter

    Winston Select Lighter

    This thin, flat lighter looks real old, but I cannot find anything to tell me when it was made. It seems to be made to slip into a pack of cigarettes. When inspecting it you can tell it used to have white in those little grooves on the sides. There is some left on the…

  • Red fire hydrant lighter

    Red fire hydrant lighter

    The only thing missing is a dog peeing on it. I could not find a dog small enough to pose next to it. Once again this one was bought at the truck stop, for $6.99. It is hard to lite, I will have to get someone else to hold it a lite it for a…

  • Duralsell battery lighter

    Duralsell battery lighter

    I shopped victoriously on and this is one of my prizes. eBay can be so addictive. I only paid one penny for this lighter, but the shipping was $5.99. Total $6.00. It was described as a C-size battery, but it is not the size of a C battery. It is taller and skinnier than…

  • Flaming skull lighter

    My husband acquired this lighter while working as a maintenance man at a local hotel. The hotel just installed new safes in all of the rooms and he was the only one that knew how to open and reset them after a guest checked out. This lighter was left in a safe along with a…

  • You won’t be playing any games with these red dice.

    You won’t be playing any games with these red dice.

    This red dice lighter was bought at a Family Dollar Store, for 5.99. We were checking out and it was in a display on the checkout counter, I could not help myself. The numbers on the sides are wrong, there are two many sides with six & five dots on them. But I do not…

  • John Deere green tractor lighter

    John Deere green tractor lighter

    This lighter was bought at the Truck Stop (many of them were) for about $5.00. I thought it was funny taking its picture in the grass since it is a tractor. Make it feel at home. The design is flawed, I do not like where you light it at. Maybe it is a matter of…

  • Bigger, big zippo “like” lighter

    Bigger, big zippo “like” lighter

    This one is even bigger than the other one (almost 7″ tall). I got this one from the local truck stop, it was $24.00 and some change. It does not have a brand name or any markings saying who made or anything like that. This is it next to the other big lighter. These lighters…

  • Found another fellow lighter collector.

    This isn’t a big collection, but it has some real gems. The coffeepot one is really cute, I also like the Fire Extinguisher one too. the Cassette one is badass. I really like lighters that look like stuff.

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